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This is a quick post to try out the iPhone app BlogPress that I've just installed.
Connecting to my Movable Type installation worked fine, and it finds all the existing posts although it doesn't seem to correctly recognise the drafts.
Writing in the app is OK, the basic option to insert italic or bold text is a bit primitive but it does make adding hyperlinks easier. Support for something like Markdown would be good.
Saving an online draft still doesn't seem to recognise the result as a draft, and loses some of the line feeds. Also the editor window doesn't always scroll up in time when typing reaches the bottom, so the insertion point ends up under the keyboard.
Posting on an Edge network also doesn't seem to work, just giving a network error even though direct access to the site works albeit slowly. Possibly the timeout is set too low, but it can't be configured.

Strangely saving remotely as a draft, then reinserting the missing line breaks before publishing seems to work, but then they're gone again when reopening :-(

Update: The line compression problem is significant enough to make the app unusable for me. I've raised a bug report with the developer, maybe they'll provide an update.

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